Cayla Jordan TV Baking Show

We had the great pleasure of working with Cayla Jordan’s baking show “Cayla Jordan TV”, from January 2016 through Early May of 2016. We tasted many delicious treats as each week passed, and gained invaluable skills in food photography and film. In the six months we worked with Cayla we filmed over 60 videos, which included over 50 episodes (or 50 recipes), multiple vlog style videos, and a commercial.

We worked with Cayla to develop the show to what is has become today and learned plenty from each other. We gained

Unfortunately, production was cut short before we could complete the animation process to the commercial we filmed but working with Cayla through the development, filming and editing process was a great


Cayla Jordan TV

The Cayla Jordan TV baking show, is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching bakers of all ages and skill level. Cayla is a hip, young host who's charisma and wit entertain and encourage her followers to come back for more.

Concept / Design

A glamorous, modern style with a fun twist.


D. Corona Originals


Brand Artwork and Design created in by Michael Fugoso and Austin Faure